Current debates about dignity and human rights. Legal and philosophical contexts


  • D. Benkovska
  • R. Kozlovski


Ключові слова:

human dignity, person, human rights, personalization of law, inviolability of human life


Nowadays one can observe many different conceptions of human dignity. Dignity
employed in current social, philosophical, medical and bioethical debate, and corresponding legal instruments. It develops a view of human dignity as a foundation of human rights. Placing dignity in axiological order in human rights does not solve all the problems. The question who is a person in the light of human rights still provoke a certain axiological and ethical discourse, in which they wish to engage with their own interpretation of the law, as well as to decide on certain anthropology, from which they acquire a particular concept of a human. Also European jurisprudence is trying to find the right answer to such sensitive question, but the courts left the question open, so the conflict continues.




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